5 Other Cool Things to Do in Tel Aviv

Bring The Fun On
So you’ve checked out all the 5 Cool Things do in Tel Aviv we suggested previously and are now looking for new adventures. Great news, we’ve rounded up another 5 Cool Things to do in Tel Aviv to keep the fun going in the city that never sleeps.

Explore Neve Tzedek
Located in the south of the Yemenite Quarter, Neve Tzedek is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Tel Aviv. Although it was crumbling into neglect in the early 20th century, the 1980s breathed in a new lease of life into the area and perfectly recaptured its former splendour.

With charming architecture and a distinct romance in the air, Neve Tzedek has to be one of the top things to do in Tel Aviv. A great place to explore with the closest to your heart (or even alone!), we recommend starting off with brunch in one of the many cafés before moving on to the plenty galleries and designer boutiques for a fulfilling day out.

Check Out: The Suzanne Dellal Centre offers outstanding performances for dance enthusiasts. Even if you’re not catching a performance, it boasts inspiring architecture and charming gardens that are not to be missed!
6 Yehieli St.

Bialik Street
Chaim Bialik, Israel’s National Poet, was such a celebrated figure that when he purchased a plot in Tel Aviv, the road next to his empty plot was named after him almost instantly . With homes mainly constructed by affluent Europeans, it is no surprise that this glorious street presents various architecture ranging from eclectic to Bauhaus — but all so dreamy. Culture lovers will find their wandering in Bialik Street a satisfying visit thanks to the three historical houses there — the House of Reuven Rubin, Beit Ha’ir (Tel Aviv’s original town hall) and of course, Bialik House.

Check Out: Bialik House, the residence of poet Chaim Bialik, is naturally a must-see when in Bialik Street. The home is a moving tribute to his life where visitors can find books, letters and works given to Israel’s National Poet.
22 Bialik St.

Florentin Neighbourhood
Florentin is fast-becoming one of Tel Aviv’s most fashionable area with no lack of designer boutiques, lofty apartments, chic bars and beautiful people. Mimicking the East Village of NYV, Florentine offers a dynamic list of cool things to do in Tel Aviv, such as the Levinsky Market, but is exceptionally renowned for its massive part in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

Check Out: Bugsy is a trendy bar that offers the ultimate combination of good food, great drinks and even better music. It does get crowded easily so making reservations come highly recommended.
26 Florentin St.

Tel Aviv Port
Distinguished by its sprawling wave-shaped wooden deck along the promenade, the Tel Aviv Port (known as Namal Tel Aviv) is a definite stop during your holiday in Tel Aviv. The promenade stretches about 14,000 square metres along the Mediterranean sea with a great deal of restaurants, shops and even a huge sandpit for the little ones to enjoy!

Check Out: Gourmands, delight in a taste of scrumptious seafood at one of the world’s fanciest restaurants — Mul Yam. You would know better that nothing quite tops an al fresco dining like cool sea breeze with wine.
24 Namal Tel Aviv St.

Escape Games
Turn your video game fantasy into reality with the escape game rooms that are gaining popularity around Tel Aviv. These game rooms are just as it sounds; it is a fun entertainment concept where you will need to escape from a mysterious locked room. Designed for 2-5 people, It is a mind-boggling activity to do with friends as you work together, look for clues and solve puzzles to find your way to freedom before the time’s up.

Check Out: Solve The Robbery of The Century at Escape Room where you and your friends will have to tear apart the apartment of a crazy scientist who recently just made the largest cash prize in the history of Tel Aviv.
30 Gershon Shatz St.

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