6 Popular Markets In Tel Aviv

Markets Galore
The markets in Tel Aviv offer a unique way to spend your time (and money!) during your holiday. From cheap designer goods to gourmet ingredients, the markets in Tel Aviv never fail to satisfy — here are the 6 popular markets in Tel Aviv you simply can’t miss.

markets in tel avivCarmel Market
Carmel Market, or also known as Shuk HaCarmel, is one of the most popular markets in Tel Aviv. It boasts a vibrant crowd looking to enjoy the boutique cheeses, fresh produces, spices and even clothes and souvenirs available on the HaCarmel Street.

In fact, recent years have seen many trendy bars, cafes and restaurants popping up in the surrounding area to add to the hustle and bustle of the marketplace. With so many to see (and buy!), it’s best to plan your visit according to what you’d like to taste first — from Middle Eastern dishes to fresh baked pastries and finally a sip of local coffee or fresh juices to top it off.

Good For: Anything, and everything! Being the largest market in Tel Aviv, the Carmel Market offers visitors a robust selection of food, fruits, spices, clothes and souvenirs.
11 HaCarmel St.

Nahalat Binyamin Market
For those who are still energised after scouring through the Carmel Market, check out the nearby Nahalat Binyamin Market which happens every Tuesday and Friday. The fair showcases a vibrant display of arts and crafts such as jewellery, ceramics, Judiaca and even special toys and other paraphernalia.

Not only that, visitors are treated to exciting activities such as performances, fortune telling and even the occasional clown acts to keep the lively atmosphere of the fair. The performances are free for all so those who are not in a “spending mood” may enjoy this vibrant little market.

Good For: Handmade arts and crafts done by local talents.
Nahalat Binyamin St.

Bezalel Market
From 20nis t-shirts to affordable kitchen utensils, the Bezalel Market is every bargain hunter’s dream. It is located just off King George Street and is a galore of inexpensive designer clothes, party dresses, bags, kitchen utensils and even beauty products. Certain stalls are known to bring in huge heaps of designer and branded clothes. So if you’re up for a good rummage through piles, you’re likely to land yourself a few great deals!

Even if bargain hunting isn’t part of your to-do-list, the Bezalel Market is a great place to find things you might have forgotten to pack — such as a cute swimwear for that impromptu visit to the beach!

Good For: Inexpensive designer goods. While authenticity is not guaranteed, most items are of reasonably good quality.
King George St.

Jaffa Flea Market
Located in between Yefet Street and Jerusalem Blvd, the Jaffa Flea Market is definitely one of the markets in Tel Aviv you must visit. This bazaar-style market offers a plethora of antiques, jewellery, clothes and other second-hand deals that are great for souvenirs.

Plus, Jaffa boasts beautiful architecture and other must-see attractions that are simply a treat on its own.

Good For: Unique souvenirs and antiques to bring home for the loved ones.
Between Yefet St & Jerusalem Blvd

Tel Aviv Port Market
Set in the picturesque Namal Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv Port Market is one of the nicest placest to visit for those looking to tear away from the hustle of the city. The Tel Aviv Port offers a lively atmosphere filled with some of Israel’s finest cheeses, wines and meats. Although the prices are a little more expensive, the ingredients are of high quality that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning cook. Otherwise, you can also take a stroll down the promenade to simply enjoy the cool breeze or a cup of fresh coffee.

Good For: The Farmers Market that is held every Friday (until 3pm) for locally-produced ingredients such as herbs, cheeses, breads, honey and more.
12 Hangar St, Namal Tel Aviv

Levinsky Market
Known to be a gourmand’s paradise, the Levinsky Market is filled with all sorts of spices, nuts, dried fruits for the food lovers. While it’s usually largely overlooked by tourists, the Levinsky Market is one of the most interesting markets in Tel Aviv. It has a great variety of grains, legumes, spices and dried fruits filled up in burlap sacks and bins for a unique rustic vibe.

It was founded in 1930s by immigrants from the Balkans where some of the businesses are still being run by descendants of the original shop owners. Other than Balkan specialities, visitors can also delight in Persian delicacies and Asian groceries for a true fusion cuisine.

Good For: Gourmet nuts and spices for that delicious added flavour in your dishes.
Levinsky St.

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