Relax In Tel Aviv

Stop raving and start relaxing as you take a break from the bustle of the city. We’ve picked out some of our favourite spots to unwind in Tel Aviv.

Rothschild BlvdFamed to be the prime bar scene at night, Rothschild Boulevard is quite the contrast in the day. This long street runs from Neve Tzedek all the way to Habima Theatre and is considered to be one of the most expensive areas in the city.

Take a slow walk down the pavement and enjoy the beautiful bauhaus architecture or enjoy the evening breeze as you cycle through the long pavement. Otherwise, there’s no better way to relax in Tel Aviv than to sit yourself in one of the many cafes and watch the day go by.


Sarona breathed a new lease of life to the Templar colony built in central Tel Aviv during the late 1800s thanks to its recent restoration. It features many grassy areas perfect for picnics and gorgeous old stone buildings that add to its colonial charm. In fact, each house bears a unique story that makes Sarona more than just beautiful architecture and landscape.

Check Out: Head to Picnic for a real mid-day break. Grab one of their amazing pre-packed picnic baskets filled with gourmet cheeses, wine and snacks for a picnic you deserve without the hassle.
6 David Elazar, Tel Aviv

Hof HaTzuk
Also known as the Mandarin Beach, Hof HaTzuk is Tel Aviv’s nothernmost beach that borderlines the neighbouring Herzliya.

Being far away from the bustle of the city, visitors can look forward to relax in Tel Aviv with the clear, blue waters and soft sounds of the sea as they enjoy their favourite book in hand. This beautiful well-kept beach boasts neat lawns, benches on the beach, clean shower rooms, walking paths and even an outdoor gym.

HaYarkon Park

For those looking to truly relax in Tel Aviv, don’t miss out on HaYarkon Park – a green sanctuary located just a short drive away from downtown. Grab a blanket, some snacks and head down to the west side of the park (west of Ibn Gvirol Street) for an afternoon of rolling in the grass. Alternatively, you might fancy a bicycle ride instead and explore the less toured paths of the park or spend some money for a leisurely boat ride (70nis/hour) — perfect for a romantic, unwinding date.

Neve Tzedek

A visit to Tel Aviv is never complete without an afternoon in Neve Tzedek. This charming area is the first neighbourhood to be built in the “new” city of Tel Aviv and was home to Nobel Prize winning author, Agnon. The architecture of Neve Tzedek takes you to a time almost-forgotten with its distinct European flair.

Check Out: Chlouche House was first built in 1886 by Aharon Chlouche, founder of Neve Tzedek, and is now a fully-operating art gallery that hosts temporary exhibitions. The high ceiling and grandeur 19th century look give it a distinct old-world charm that’s hard to miss. We recommend heading up to the rooftop to enjoy a gorgeous view of Neve Tzedek with the sea breeze in your hair for the ultimate unwind.
32 Chelouche, Tel Aviv

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