5 Popular Take Aways in Tel Aviv

Tel Avivians are known for their on-the-go lifestyles. Whether it’s walking through the streets, catching the next bus or heading to that meeting, keep your tummy happy with our favourite choices of take aways in Tel Aviv as you commute through Tel Aviv.


Tel Avivians are known for their healthy lifestyles and with the hot weather, it’s no wonder why there are many great juice bars all over the city. Quench your thirst with a simple watermelon juice or opt for something fancier such as a strawberry yogurt smoothie to keep you hydrated and filled till your next destination.

Check Out: While Tamara Juice Bar has kiosks all over the city, the Ben Yehuda St outlet specialises in delicious smoothies such as seasonal specials with mangoes or green ones with kale.
Corner of Dizengoff St and Ben Gurion St, Tel Aviv


It’s freezing outside and you notice grey clouds hinting a storm is on its way. Cure the cold of winter with a bowl of hot soup. Whether you opt for the “Jewish penicillin” that is chicken soup or a full bodied option like the beef goulash, Tel Aviv has no lack of soup stores to warm your tummy and tickle your tastebuds.

Check Out: Marakei and Falafel Gabei at Bograshov Street is a hole-in-the-wall eatery that has locals raving about their dishes. There is a host of staple soups such as the minestrone or a more unique option like the dandyish, an Iraqi soup with a slightly bitter broth.
25 Bograshov St, Tel Aviv

Grab a bite of Israel’s most famous street food as one of the choice take aways in Tel Aviv! Falafels are made of chickpeas and can be served in a pita filled with other ingredients such as tahini, salad, eggplants and even a side of fries.

Check out: Ratzon Falafel offers a generous serving of freshly-fried falafel in handmade pita. Better yet, it’s all for just 6NIS — which means not only do you save on time, but also on your dollars and cents.
16 King George St, Tel Aviv

sandwich take aways in tel aviv
Fulfilling yet light on the stomach, sandwiches are undoubtedly the go-to choice amongst the many take aways in Tel Aviv. The many types of sandwich stores all over the city also mean that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to flavours. Be it a classic Chicken Sandwich or an upscale Masterchef-created choice, Tel Aviv has got you covered at every corner.

Check Out: Miznon is sandwich bar owned by Masterchef Eyal Shani with a unique menu that includes the vegetarian-friendly fried cauliflower, creme fraiche and chopped vegetable sandwich and meaty option like the steak and egg sandwich.
23 Ibn Gabirol St, Tel Aviv

Malabitake aways in tel aviv End your moving munch on a sweet high with malabi, a milky pudding that is flavoured with vanilla and rosewater and then drenched in sugary syrup — which often contains even more rosewater. This soft sweet treat is a hit amongst the locals as one of the famous dessert take aways in Tel Aviv as it’s usually inexpensive, easy-to-carry and delightfully creamy.

Check Out: Yakir’s Malabi House prides on offering malabi that tastes like it was made from home. At only 7NIS, it’s been a favourite amongst old-timers in Tel Aviv’s Shechunat Hatikva neighbourhood.
52 Haetzel St, Tel Aviv

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