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The Best of Tel Aviv Beaches

From The North to The South

Tel Aviv — Miami of the Mediterranean

With 8.7 miles and 13 different beaches, there is fun in the sun entertainment for every kind of person. From North to South, whether you prefer jogging on the boardwalk, sun bathing, swimming, or simply people-watching the locals and tourists, Tel Aviv beaches are unforgettable.


Metzitzim Beach
Previously known as the Sheraton Beach, the Metzizim Beach was famous in the early 70s for its Israeli Cinematic location. Today, it continues being one of Tel Aviv’s most-visited beaches today for the young and trendy. Just off of the restaurant-filled seaport, Metzizim offers clean showers and toilets as well as a compact outdoor gym that is suitable for both kids and adults. The beach also offers a great place to cool off with some Watermelon or an ice cold beer at their beach bar.

The Religious Beach    
If you are looking to get comfy while staying conservative, you might want to check out the Separated Beach adjacent to Metzitzim. This beach is intended for religious people so there are “women only” and “men only” days, except for Saturdays when it is open to the general public, men and women alike.

Atzmaut Beach
One of the gay-friendly beaches is the Atzmaut Beach — a slender beach strip between the Separated Beach and Hilton Beach. This sandy haven is perfect for sunset-viewing, tanning and bringing your favourite pup along to play in the waters, which is an uncommon occurrence in other beaches as it’s not allowed.

Hilton Beach

A typical summer day at Hilton Beach

The Hilton Beach is where the water sports go out for their adventures. If you are looking to kayak or surf, this is your go-to point. Due to a reef just off-shore, this is the best location for quiet waters.

Gordon Beach
Another hotspot for the athletes, the Gordon Beach is a perfect place for the sports enthusiasts with a sea-water swimming pool, gym, and tons of beach volleyball matches. After you’re done with the fun-filled day, stock up your energy level by checking out the many food options available such as ice cream, pastries, restaurants, and bars.


Banana Beach
Named after its popular café, Banana Beach is great for those looking for some peace and quiet. Attracting a varied crowd of young families and older couples, it boasts breathtaking views of the sunset. What’s more, you can also enjoy free screenings of basketball and football games or movies occasionally for an entertainment-filled evening.

The Drum Beach
Welcome the weekends with Brazilian-style drumming and Capoeria artists who gather at the Drum Beach. Located behind the Dolphinarium Club, you’ll find yourself dancing to fresh tunes as the sun sets. Simply grab a beer and take in the experience that is unique to this location for a perfect ending to the day.

The Secret Jaffa Beaches

Beautiful shoreline of Jaffa Beach at night

On the southern-most parts of  Tel Aviv Jaffa , there are many smaller beaches like the peaceful and clean Alma Beac. Set against the beautiful ancient Jaffa quarters, delight in a delicious seafood dinner by the beach before enjoying a great walk along it’s panoramic ocean sights located after Jaffa port to the south.

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