The Gay-Friendly Guide to Tel Aviv

Freedom to Love and Live
Israel is known for being the most LGBT-friendly country in the Middle East. With Tel Aviv being the heart and soul behind this culture, it is no surprise Tel Aviv has become the best gay-friendly travel destination in this region.

Hilton Beach
Unofficially known as the go-to beach for the LGBT community, the Hilton Beach is a nice, clean, sandy strip just below Hilton Hotel in the north of Tel Aviv. Besides being the most liberal of Tel Aviv’s beaches with its tanned bodies in tight bathing suits, Hilton Beach is also the most wheelchair-accessible beach in Israel thanks to the special chairs available for the comfort and convenience of the disabled.

Famous Pride Parade

For the best gay-oriented holiday, it’s recommended to plan the trip during the annual Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade which usually happens in June. The parade will kickstart at 10am in Me’ir Park (Gan Me’r) with a colourful celebration of creative floats, music, food and will end with a big bang; the famous beach party at Tel Aviv Beach Promenade. Just remember the dress code — a pair of the sexiest bathing suit and generous layers of great energy!

Evita Tel Aviv

Living it large in Tel Aviv

Evita Bar is the longest-running gay bar of the city located off Rothschild Blvd. It opens daily from 12noon till late and regularly throws huge parties and events, making it the hippest place for the LGBT-community to come celebrate special events and holidays.

Inside, the bar boasts a huge selection of alcoholic beverages, food and not forgetting, a vast dance floor and stage area to accommodate hundreds of party-animals that are there for a good time.

A strictly-for-men bar and club, Apolo is located on the famous party stretch of Allenby Street and is open daily from 10pm till late. It is inspired the hottest clubs in Europe and boasts three different bars, a dance floor and even a dark room for the ultimate enjoyment and mingling of its patrons. All we can is, come early to avoid the snaking queue at the entrance of this sexy gay bar.

Here are other activities in Tel Aviv that you may want to try and more info on gay progress in Tel Aviv.

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