Tel Aviv Property Management and Vacation Rentals

Tel Aviv Property Management and Vacation Rentals


Why owners choose Sea N’ Rent to manage their properties

Israel, Tel Aviv, Feb and October 2013

Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting places in the entire world, but you homeowners already knew that!

More and more international people are coming to Tel Aviv for vacation or business and learning about the beautiful place where we live. As more people come to Tel Aviv, they will need places to stay, and although hotels are the typical destinations for travelers, many travelers are seeking lodging outside of hotels at bed and breakfasts or private apartments. This is typical in many countries, and Tel Aviv is the perfect place to invite travelers to stay in beautiful, furnished, comfortable and luxurious apartments during their stay.

Sea ‘N Rent property management and vacation rentals helps  property owners in Tel Aviv to prepare, maintain and advertise their property worldwide for all kind of potential guest while earning money for property owners.


To explain a bit more in detail, here are 10 reasons why property owners should choose Sea N Rent to manage their property for them:


  1. Professional – Sea ‘N Rent is a professionally owned and operated company with 5 years of experience in property management. We strive to create the best experiences both for the homeowners and the guests who come to stay and have an impeccable track record. We also maintain property that we work with and take care of repairs, upkeep, and maintenance.

  1. Transparent Income – When you rent your property thru Sea ‘N Rent, we let you in on the “backside” of our website so you can track how much money your property is earning while we are maintaining it. We strive to keep a transparent relationship between our property owners and ourselves.


  1. Maximising Profit – Maybe you have heard of other property management services and companies that provide a similar service to Sea ‘N Rent. But rest assured, Sea ‘N Rent allows you to make a larger profit on a short-term rental compared to other services that provide long-term services. Maximising Profit simply means you earn more money in a shorter period of time.


  1. Rest Easy – Sea ‘N Rent takes pride in our work and maintenance of all of our beautiful properties. We make sure that each property is properly maintained, cleaned, and checked for repairs on a regular basis. You can trust us to manage your property with the same care and consideration that we manage our own homes and business.


  1. Join In the Family – Be a part of the Sea ‘N Rent family. We treat our property owners like family. Just ask our other property owners about their experience working with us. We work hard to take care of you, the homeowner.

  1. 365 Maintenance – Sea ‘N Rent has dedicated maintenance workers that are on call to take care of any problems or issues with your apartment. Our technicians are highly skilled and take great care in maintaining your property.


  1. The Reviews Speak For Themselves – Sea ‘N Rent has been reviewed by both homeowners and guests alike, and both groups have the same thing in common: They love Sea ‘N Rent! Positive experiences and honest reviews from our customers speak louder than anything we can tell you. Just take a look and see what they’ve been saying about us! 
  1. Selective Property Matching – In order to provide the very best service and accommodations for our guests, Sea ‘N Rent is selective in the properties we wish to work with. We are interested in beautiful, high quality properties in convenient places around Tel Aviv. Please contact us so we can find out if your property is a good match for Sea ‘N Rent.


  1. Customer Satisfaction – It’s not uncommon for travelers to come back to a Sea ‘N Rent property after their first stay with us. We work hard to ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay for our guests, and our guests know it.


  1. Reputation – Sea ‘N Rent has been able to provide accommodations for families, couples, groups, and business people. We also serve travelers from big name companies like Google that come to Tel Aviv for business trips. We provide amazing service to all of our guests, no matter who they are. And all of our guests know that we care about them and enjoy serving them and making sure they have a comfortable stay in our properties.

As you can tell from the list above, Sea N Rent provides excellent service through amazing experiences at top-notch Tel Aviv properties. To find out more about Sea ‘N Rent criteria  for choosing properties visit  this link

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