where to stay in tel aviv

10 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv at The Heart of Israel
A ticket to Israel in one hand and a perfect itinerary in the other. Just one problem, with the many activities planned from checking out the Dead Sea to visiting Jerusalem, where’s the best city to stay in for this vacation?

We give you 10 reasons why you should stay in Tel Aviv for the most convenient travel around Israel.

1. Tel Aviv is just a short 20 mins drive from Ben Gurion Airport… and just three easy train stops away.

2. You can never go hungry with over 600 restaurants in Tel Aviv. Check out some of our favourite chef restaurants here.

3. Due to its international crowd and bustling city atmosphere, nearly everyone speaks perfect English in Tel Aviv — no worries about getting lost!

4. Tel Aviv has no lack of hotels in prime locations. But to truly experience Tel Aviv, we recommend staying in the many apartment rentals available. Here at Sea n’ Rent, we have countless of boutique apartments all over Tel Aviv to give you the perfect home-away-from home experience.

5. Public transportation in Tel Aviv is cheap, fairly efficient and safe. You can easily get to the popular Tel Aviv hotspots with the simple guidance on bus and train routes.

6. Otherwise, do how the locals do and check out Tel Aviv by foot. It is a safe and vibrant city; no need to fear walking around Tel Aviv even in the wee hours of the morning.

7. For those who would rather drive, there’s plenty of affordable car rentals inTel Aviv.

This also makes it easier for you to venture out to your other locations in Israel such as Sea of Galilee in the north and of course, the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem.

8. Tel Aviv Beaches are known for its incomparable beauty, even in other parts of Israel.

9. And if you’d like to check out other beaches in Israel, such as the ones in Eilat, there is a domestic airport located in the North Tel Aviv for short flights around Israel.

10. Tel Aviv is smack in the middle of many popular destinations from the north to the south of Israel. In less than 2 hours by drive, you can get to Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Sea of Galilee in Tiberias and the holiest city in the world, Jerusalem.

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