12 Fun Facts About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not just a typical city in Israel but rather a dynamic hub for outgoing lifestyles. Far from what everyone perceives, this city is surprisingly one of a kind because there are many things to do, visit and experience; reason why you should add this to your bucket list. We’ve compiled 12 fun facts about Tel Aviv that you should really know. If you are traveling solo, there are a lot of ways to enjoy yourself or even find company with local Tel Aviv residents, there is a community called Tel Aviv Greeters where you can book a local guide for amazing site visits; what better way to really enjoy your vacation than experience being with the locals. This city offers a whole lot more for you, your friends and the whole family.

Here is the sneak peek:

1.A Large City

Next to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv ranks 2nd largest and most vibrant city in Israel, with the total population of over 400,000. A major city that is very accessible for nearby travels.

2. A Party City

Party all night long with hundreds of bars and clubs depending on your genre, even beach clubs along the coastlines are alive every night. Tagged as the “city that never sleeps” Tel Aviv really knows how to do her thing. When it comes to the best sound and music, Tel Aviv votes for The Block , the Best Club of the Year awardee.

3. A Sushi City

Yes they love sushi too! Ranking 3rd largest sushi consumption in the world next to Tokyo and New York, Tel Aviv recently opened its 100th sushi bar, fantastic isn’t it?. The best and the freshest sushi spot in the city is at the Onami Sushi Bar, they’re located at HaArba’a St 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel. Check out their website too. Oh my sushi! come and dig in!

4. A White City

Tel Aviv is surrounded with over 4,000 buildings built-in a unique form of the Bauhaus Architecture back from 1930 by German-Jewish architects. This city has the largest collection of Bauhaus buildings in the world and because of that, it had been declared as a UNESCO site heritage on June 6, 2004.

5. A Dog City

Tel Aviv has the largest dog cemetery in the world, and not only that, the city has special areas such as: dog parks, dog fountains and dog beaches, “pawrents” will be so delighted to go here.

6. An English City

It is quite frustrating if you’re traveling and needing some help with the directions but you got language barriers, right? Not in Tel Aviv or anywhere in Israel, majority of the population living in this country speaks English. Tel Aviv is one of the English-speaking cities in the Middle East. Hurray!

7. A Food City

Tel Aviv is a gastronomic city starting from the local markets down to restaurants all over the city. Because of that, they also bagged the 3rd biggest consumption in meat, fruits and vegetables. Restaurants and cafes are a common sight almost all of them offer heavenly food and they serve on big plates too. You should try Israeli cuisines, really it will be a food adventure with your bffs!

8. A Rollerblade City

Every Tuesday night, there’s a rollerblading party happening in Tel Aviv where almost 300 rollerbladers come and hit the streets. Starting from just a small group, now people of all ages come and join the adrenaline rush.

9. A Beach City

The waves are calling can you hear it? Tel Aviv is 9th and tagged as the Miami of the Mediterranean by the National Geographic, with beaches stretching from north to south of the Tel Aviv west side. Who wouldn’t want to take a dip? The best time to take a plunge is during the summer season which starts from June until August.

10. A Gay City

Tel Aviv is the most gay-friendly city in the world. With the advanced rights for LGBT in Asia and the world, Tel Aviv is super gay in terms of same-sex recognition with their famous annual pride march and guess what? they have their own gay beach. Such a happy place it is!

11. A Vegan City

Herbivores are united in Tel Aviv, making it on the number 1 spot out of the 9 Best Destinations for Vegan Travelers by Daily Meal. Vegan culture is becoming a trend here wherein at least 1 in 20 local residents is a certified vegan, this accumulates more than 4% of the city’s total population. Vegans highly recommend Anastasia Café for a sumptuous herbivore treat! You can find them at Frishman St 54, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

12. 3rd largest economy

Tel Aviv ranked 3rd largest economy of any city in the Middle East sitting beside Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City. This may mean that not everything in this city comes cheap but with a price. However, there are always affordable ways to travel and explore!

It’s pretty amazing to know that a humble city like Tel Aviv can be very very big in value. Now that you know a few of its gems, it’s time to explore the rest. For a memorable and exciting trip in Tel Aviv, book your stay only at www.seanrent.com

Watch the video below to witness Tel Aviv on a normal day!

Get to know you can get around in Tel Aviv and see more of the city!

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