3 Tel Aviv Cafes With Amazing Coffee

Tel Aviv cafes are known to be the favorite hang-out place for the locals. One of the first things that tourists notice when arriving here is the number of people in the cafes. Almost every cafe in the city is usually full and everyone seems to be working on their laptop all day. So out of all the crowded cafes, which one offers the best coffee? We have just the right recommendations for you below!

Basma Coffee

Photo from Basma's Facebook page.

Photo from Basma’s Facebook page.

Basma Coffee Restaurant is TripAdvisor’s number 1 coffee establishment with 107 ratings. The best thing about this cafe aside from the coffee is their offerings of authentic Arabic food. This is because the food they’re serving has been through three generations in the family.

Patrons especially love the fresh coffee they serve here. You can also order pastries and other kinds of dishes to go with your order. Adding to that is the warm, welcoming service of the staff that makes customers feel at ease. Located in Louis Pasteur 5 St. in Old Jaffa, you can find out more about them on their Facebook page.

Cafe Xoho

Another cafe with great coffee is Cafe Xoho. They serve various other dishes as well but of the vegetarian kind. Reviews on their food and service are mixed but many are happy with the cafe overall. A particularly good time to go here is during breakfast or brunch. You can try out their pancake stack which a lot of their customers love. There’s also an option to add a scoop of ice cream if you want a sweet breakfast.

In terms of the cafe’s ambience, it’s a bit on the small side but looks homey. Pets are also allowed to roam inside so you can bring them as well. Located along 17 Gordon Street, you can check out their social media page here.

Coffee Bar


Image from Coffee Bar site.

This cafe wonderfully blends French and American food dishes and is conveniently located at Yad Harutzim 13. The consensus about the Coffee Bar is that they serve great food and has an amazing service. If you’re eating during the day, no reservations are typically required. You can also enjoy the weather outside with their outdoor seating.

The overall vibe of the cafe is good although the noise can be a bit loud during lunch. Some great dishes you could try here are the steak, bread, and seafood ricotta. For more info about them, check out their site here.

Other Tel Aviv Cafes to Discover

There are other wonderful cafes in Tel Aviv that offer different things you might like. For example, this post is about a great cafe/game bar in Tel Aviv you can visit. If alcoholic drinks are more of your thing, you can check out Tel Aviv happy hour spots and other famous party spots in Tel Aviv.

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