3 Trendy Tel Aviv Food You Should Absolutely Try

Just like fashion, food has its own trends too. Some are worth the hype and some are not but we’re here to tell you what to try. Those who are visiting Tel Aviv should make sure to try the latest food craze in the city. Below are just some of the top trendy Tel Aviv food you shouldn’t miss while touring here!

All Vegan Ice Cream

Ever since restaurants in Tel Aviv started going vegan, everyone’s been scrambling to put a vegan dish on their menu. One such food is the all vegan ice cream. As you can tell from the name, the all vegan ice cream uses no animal byproducts. That means no milk or cream, or any similar ingredients. A restaurant that offers this dessert is Gela.

Judging from the reviews, this ice cream is one of the main draws of the restaurant. Try it for yourself to see if it suits your taste!

Gluten-Free Schnitzel


The gluten-free schnitzel is a bonafide favorite among locals. It often sells out within minutes in a pop-up restaurant in Jaffa. This gluten-free schnitzel is ideal for those who have food sensitivities or who just want to be healthy. It doesn’t hurt that this fare tastes good as well so there’s not much difference with the real thing.

You can find your gluten-free schnitzel at the following restaurants: Cafe Noir Restaurant and Hakovshim Bistro.

Chocolate Pasta

Who knew chocolate and pasta can be eaten as one dish? Neither did I, actually. Based on what we’ve heard, the chocolate pasta dish has a subtle flavor of cocoa and has the creamy taste of your chosen sauce. If that just piqued your interest, feel free to head on over at Sarona Market to get your chocolate pasta fix!


Don’t let the exotic name fool you, it’s just a bread! A different kind of bread that is. It’s made of the same dough that’s used on a croissant. What makes it unique is that it’s half comprised of butter. It’s often dusted with sugar and salt which lends to its caramelized crust after baking. A couple of French cafes and bakeries in Tel Aviv carry them. One such cafe is the Mazzarine Patisserie so make sure to give this dish a try.

Are Trendy Tel Aviv Foods Worth the Try?

I definitely say yes! Trendy foods are trendy for a reason. They’re either unique or provide a shocking taste people aren’t used to. Either way, trying one is a win-win for you. So go ahead, grab a bite and let us know what you think of the abovementioned foods!

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