7 Breathtaking Road Trips in Israel

Road Trips in Israel
Road Trips in Israel
TLV is the place to be – and the best city to start your road trips in Israel. Let us guide you through the most exciting day trips from South to North.

Tel Aviv is the place to be – but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t wander around the rest of Israel. This small country is diverse, colorful, and all-around beautiful. All of the best day trips from Tel Aviv are listed below! Take a day, get away, and treat your soul with breathtaking road trips around Israel.

Road Trips In Israel


Some say Tel Aviv plays and Jerusalem prays – but, truth is, the capital of Israel is not all about religion.

First, you can have a fab vegan lunch at Village Green (don’t miss their to-die-for chocolate cake). Next, visit the rooftop of the Austrian Hospice at the old city. Here, you will have the most incredible view overlooking the churches, mosques and synagogues. You can even go for a shopping spree on Mamila avenue, one of the world’s most beautiful open-air shopping centres.

Road Trips in Israel
Road Trips in Israel
Road Trips in Israel
Jerusalem, Israel. Photos by Benjamin Recinos

Kibbutz Ein Gedi

If you could never imagine what the Garden of Eden possibly looked like, this gorgeous village overlooking the majestic Dead Sea and the pink mountains of Jordan will give you quite the idea.

The kibbutz’s luxurious spa is only one reason to visit. The whole village is a botanical garden of incredibly beautiful plants and flowers. Try the Mediterranean plate at the kibbutz café, Baobar. It is packed with creamy hummus, crunchy salad, and “kube” bulgur balls filled with fried mushrooms. Then, wash it down with their homemade, iced limonata.


Herod’s legendary port town is nicknamed “the city of dreams”. Interestingly, it was built on a seashore which didn’t even have a natural bay.

Road Trips in Israel
Caesarea, Israel. Photo by Menash Cohen

Yet, it would become one of the most iconic harbors of the Roman empire. A flourishing town, hosting ships from all over the world, no wonder everyone wanted a piece of it. It survived all of the wars throughout the Byzantine empire’s rule and the Crusaders’ times. Now, it’s a popular tourist destination and an open air concert venue. It is also known for its romantic cafés lining the beach and the preserved ruins telling stories of ancient history.

Zichron Ya’akov

This cute little town in Northern Israel offers a sweet escape for Tel Avivians wanting to experience a village-vibe.

The city overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, rich with wine cellars, cafés, restaurants, and artsy home decor shops. It is an ideal stop for a refreshing walk on the way to Nazareth or Tiberias. The main street is high above the rest of the village, so follow the signs by the curvy road leading up the hill. What about the right time? Friday mornings are the busiest and most fun around “Zichron”.


The third-biggest city in Israel is famous for advertising coexistence: Arabs, Jews, Christians, young professionals, students, and families share Haifa. The city hall hosts a “Festival of Coexistence” rally year after year,. Here, it doesn’t matter what you celebrate  – what counts is sharing the happy moments in peace and unity.

Notably, the most beautiful neighborhood is the “German Colony”, a walking street lined with international restaurants. The best one is “Fatoush”, where Middle Eastern dishes and Mediterranean meals mix in perfect harmony. This street is the home of the Baha’i Gardens – this mysterious religion’s followers believe that all prophets were right; only we humans mixed up the system by creating gaps between religions, instead of understanding that we are all one.


In ancient Akko, time has stopped; at the outskirts of the old town, shopping malls welcome the travelers, but within the old walls, Aladdin’s “Agrabah” is waiting for you.
The market with dozens of colors, the food counters with colorful spices, and the cafés and restaurants with breathtaking views, make sure that this Northern town in Israel is a not-to-be-missed daytrip destination. Pamper yourself at the Turkish Bath – Ghattas Hammam is a traditional spa offering a massage you’ll never forget, or just watch the brave boys of Akko jumping off the old town walls, throwing themselves into the sea from 5 meters up.
Road Trips in Israel
Road Trips in Israel
kko, Israel. Photo by Yanny Mishchuk

Rosh Pina and Amirim

Overlooking the “Kinneret”, aka the Sea of Galilee, these fairy-tale-like spots are showing you a completely different face of Israel.
Amirim is a village built and populated by a vegetarian society, and it offers comfortable accommodation for every budget – but if you want to experience the best, give a go to Bella and Lawrence’s dream suites, HaSeuda Ha’achrona: private hot tub on the porch, breakfast in bed, and a swimming pool with a view that’s out of this world.
Rosh Pina, the most romantic town of the North is just a 15-minute drive away – wander around the narrow streets, treat yourself with handmade chocolate bonbons, and support the local artists by buying some souvenirs from the many pottery shops and art galleries. The ultimate way of finishing off a perfect day is to dine at Pina BaRosh, the town’s best vegan-friendly restaurant.
Road Trips in Israel
Masada National Park, Israel. Photo by Robert Bye

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