Choosing a Romantic Tel Aviv Restaurant for Valentine’s

Finding the perfect Tel Aviv restaurant to go to this Valentine’s is a must if you’re planning on going out. After all, you wouldn’t want your significant other to accuse of not preparing enough. So how do you exactly choose the right restaurant? There’s no need to wonder in confusion as this article has you covered. Read on below for some of out fool-proof tips!

Choose the Right Atmosphere/Ambience

The number one thing you have to think about when choosing a romantic restaurant is the atmosphere. Why? Because the ambience can make or break the mood of your date. If you choose a loud, unruly place to dine in, you risk making it like a casual date instead of a special one.

So what essentially makes for a romantic atmosphere? One foremost factor that makes for a nice ambience is the lighting. Think yellow or low lights that set a cosy mood. The decor should also be nice enough that you’ll be proud to bring your significant other there. Another thing to consider is the noise level. Make sure the restaurant isn’t too loud so you and your partner can comfortably talk together throughout the night.

Make Sure the Food is Good

Once you have the ambience down pat, you have to then take into account the food. Is it good? Is it palatable? Will you and your significant other enjoy it? Picking a nice looking restaurant with a bad food can no doubt ruin your night together.

Check out online reviews of the restaurant or eat there in advance so you can sample the food. You can also choose a restaurant based on you and your partner’s likes. If he or she likes Asian cuisine, why not go for a Korean or Japanese restaurant, to name just a few. You might also want to go for a new restaurant instead of somewhere you’ve always eaten in. Trying a new restaurant makes for a much exciting date since both of you don’t know what to expect.

Doing most, if not all, of these things, will ensure that your date will be flattered that you took the time out to plan and prepare for Valentine’s!

Take Advantage of Promotions or Special Menu

Valentine’s can be costly depending on how you celebrate it. From dinners to gifts, this special day can no doubt put a dent in your pocket. One way to combat this is to take advantage of restaurant promotions or special menu. This will allow you to save a bit than usual.

To research Valentine’s promotions or special menus, just do a local search online. Many restaurants advertise their promotions and new menus in advance of Valentine’s. Pick a few that you can choose from later on and then pick the best one based on your other criteria.

Take Care of the Details

Once you have the plan, the next step is to take care of the details to make it happen. After you’ve chosen a restaurant, you have to then make a reservation. Expect restaurants to be full during this Valentine’s so you have to make sure you have a seat. Make a reservation at least 3 days to a week before the exact date if you can.

When it comes to choosing seats, pick the best ones. Opt for the ones near a window if the restaurant has a view. You should also avoid sitting near the toilet room or on areas of the restaurants that are not well-ventilated. This ensures you and your date’s maximum comfort.

Be Flexible With Your Plans

When it comes to planning, it’s important to be flexible. No matter how well you plan or prepare, there are always factors that will be out of your control. With that said, have a backup plan and be flexible enough to adjust if things don’t go as planned.

For instance, if the upcoming traffic and crowded places are bound to stress you out, you don’t have to go out during Valentine’s itself. You can also opt for an earlier or later date to make going out a much enjoyable time for you and your date. Remember, you don’t have to do things the way everybody else does it. Valentine’s should be all about you and your significant other’s enjoyment, otherwise, what’s the celebration for?

Tel Aviv Restaurant Suggestions

What’s a Valentine recommendation article without a few restaurant suggestions? Below are our top picks on some of some of the most romantic Tel Aviv restaurants you can find!

Hatraklin Bistro Meat & Wine Restaurant

Photo from the Night Kitchen's FB page.

This restaurant is rated 6th out of all restaurants in Tel Aviv on TripAdvisor. Its high ratings are due to the fact that it provides good food, amazing wine selections, standout service, and a great ambience. The restaurant also offers Mediterranean and European dishes with gluten-free options. They’re located in between Yehuda Halevi St. and Lilenblum St. For more info, you can find them on their site.

Mel & Michelle

This is a cosy Italian restaurant that seats about 40 people. The great thing about Mel & Michelle is that it offers a seasonal menu so there’s always something to discover there every few months. The overall vibe and feel of the restaurant are low-key so it’s ideal for a quiet date where you can talk with your partner. They’re located on Ben Yehuda St. and you can know more about them on their Facebook page.

Night Kitchen Restaurant

Photo from the restaurant's unofficial FB page.

The Night Kitchen Restaurant is a local favourite. Patrons love this restaurant’s amazing service, reasonable prices, and nice atmosphere on top of the great food they offer. However, the place is often packed and the noise level is a bit higher. If this isn’t something that bothers you, the Night Kitchen Restaurant is a good date night restaurant. They are located in Lilenblum St. and can be contacted via this page.

Wrapping Up

We sincerely hope that these tips help you plan the perfect Valentine’s dinner for you and your date! The date is always a busy one for many but you don’t have to get stressed in the process. Make sure to consider the above tips for a smooth-sailing date on Valentine’s day, Feel free to check out our other posts on sea view restaurants, gourmet restaurants, and vegetarian restaurants in Tel Aviv if you’re looking for more options!

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