Celebrating 400 Insta Followers – The 8 Most Popular Instagram Stories from TLV

Oops, we did it again: thanks to our faithful Insta followers throughout the past month,’s Insta account gained over 350 new followers.

We don’t believe in buying likes or messing with shady follower-traps, trying to impress you with the numbers. We simply believe in delivering unique, beautiful photographs with mini-stories, showcasing the wonders of Tel Aviv and Israel. For those who are fans already on @seanrent_unlocktelaviv, and for the ones just getting into the grove with us, we listed the 8 most liked pictures with captions, highlighting the hashtags that helped us make our visual diary so popular.  Also, we took the opportunity to guide you on how to gain more Insta followers organically – read our tips and watch the likes fly sky high.

1. Go for the Foodies

Instagram would never be the same without all you foodies out there – any time we post a picture of a mouthwatering Israeli dish, we make you hungry for more.

Some call it the Middle Eastern ratatouille, others think it’s a relative of the #Balkan’s famous “lecho”, but as for me, I look at it as a unique perfection of its own, one of the must-try dishes when in TelAviv. Shakshuka is composed of spicy tomatoes and peppers topped with a sunny-side-up egg, fried in a pan, often pimped up with grilled onions, eggplant, and some even dare to experiment with tofu. With our help, now you can find your path in the street-food labyrinth and get the best shakshuka in TelAviv City.

The hashtags we used: #veganbreakfast #instafood #instavegan #mutimiteszel #breakfast #brunch  

2. Fit Body – Fit Mind

Insta followers adore good examples on how to lead a life that’s actually good for you. Sports in general, but especially yoga is one of the main topics of Instagram bloggers. Lucky that our city is one of the yogi-capitals of the world.


Perfect day for some Acro Yoga on TLV beach. Israel and especially Tel Aviv is famous for its yoga scene – would you be interested reading an article The Best Yoga Studios in Tel Aviv City on

 The hashtags we used: #instayoga #yogagram #seatime #yogatime #holiday

3. Don’t be a Cultural Snob, but Notice the Beauty in Everything

 Boring tourist sights and generic pictures of a holiday spot can remain on postcards sold by tacky souvenir shops – on Instagram, people prefer edgy and cool shots, artistic views on everyday beauty.

Jaffa’s breathtaking architecture deserves to be discovered: the busy flea market and the ancient port leading up to the old city – these are just some of the tourist sights to experience for the cultural traveller in Israel. Tel Aviv’s little sister is romantic and beautiful: the Arabian Nights vibe mixed with the artie and hipster subculture is worth your attention. 😉

The hashtags we used: #jaffa #OldCity #Israel #TLV #architecture #architect #discover #culture  

4Give’em Somethin’ 2 Read  

Insta followers are all about photos, yet its worth it to invest in the captions as well: an interesting story under your picture can make people understand what your profile is about. Reading is undervalued anyways – hearing predictions on the death of print media, it’s all of our responsibility to keep books and magazines alive, even being a part of the social media generation.

Book Collector’s heaven in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Israel. In this tiny bookstore selling secondhand books and magazines in Geula street in TLV you can find just about any book or magazine you are searching for. Throw yourself into literature and fashion magazine paradise – it’s right next to café Sheleg, a popular café for morning coffee of the awakening Tel Avivians.

The hashtags we used: #bookworm #books #booklovers #fashionmagazine #literature

5. Home is Where the Heart is

 In an ever-changing world of instant solutions it’s so important to call a place home. Creating a real, safe and beautiful nest for oneself is not as easy as it seems – no surprise that Insta followers are super-excited for an interior-design-related, yet heartfelt post.

Your private heaven… Our crew took over a Bauhaus-style apartment building’s gorgeous yet empty flat to do a total makeover in just 24 hours. By the end of the day the space looked absolutely fabulous – see it for yourself in the vlog we created.  

The hashtags we used: #interiordesign #interiordesigner #homedecor #sofa #pillowtalk #balcony #babyitsgreenoutside #summerhouse #TLV #telaviv #israel

6. Nature Lovers Unite!

Big city life is fun and all, but everyone needs to get away to recharge those inner batteries from time to time. Celebrating the beauties of nature, giving tips on road trips and daytrips is always exciting for Insta followers.

Thank God It’s Friday! Travel to beautiful Israel, spend a weekend in the countryside and rejuvenate your body and soul. Read our tips and experience the journey of a lifetime.

The hashtags we used: #yogaeveryday #instayoga #yogabody #om #spirituality #sunset #loveyourself #namaste #asana #instayogi

7. Promote Other Artists – Cos’ Sharing is Caring

 Instagram shouldn’t be all about ego – share your platform with other inspiring visual artists you like. Not only to gain new followers, but it’s also a great way to get in touch with your beloved icons – who knows, they might see the tag, and start following your Insta blog. 

@facehunter aka Yvan Rodic’s genius art, showing Tel Aviv as a Salvador Dali painting. Arriving in the White City, experience the buzzing art scene: TLV is filled with art galleries, museums, and pop-up exhibitions. Go artie, and come with peace.

The hashtags we used: #artie #museum #graphicdesign #illustration #artist #visual #israel

8. “Secret Society” – Give Tips no one Else can  

As Tel Aviv experts, we know exactly where you can get the best vegan food, where the must-visit parties are, and which shows you shouldn’t miss while on holiday, just as we know how to get you the most comfortable, most beautiful vacation rentals. Count on your talent and showcase some of your best-kept secrets in your city for curious travelers.

It’s breakfast time in Tel Aviv – if you haven’t read our ultimate shakshuka guide for TLV, now is the right time. Our list would not be complete without Zakaim – check out our tips on the not-to-be-missed culinary hotspots of TLV.

The hashtags we used: #vegan #veganfoodporn #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #livetlv #telavivianmoments #tomatoes #holiday #vacation #israel #cooking #baking #instagood #instafood #kitchen


 The Furious 5 Of InstaTelAviv

 Here’s UnlockTLV’s top 5 choices of TLV-related Insta-bloggers.


@happyintlvFor all who love Tel Aviv – especially French speakers, but as their Facebook page is in English, everyone can enjoy the content. They are keeping users up-to-date on events in the city, sharing beautiful shots of our beloved metropolis. No wonder they have so many Insta followers.

@insta_telaviv – Gets read for some of the most beautiful pictures of Tel Aviv, capturing so many different aspects of the city from what to eat to where to go and who to meet up with while on holiday in Israel.

@CrazyJewishMom – Not directly TLV related, yet so familiar for all Tel Avivians, this account is one of the funniest and most captivating ones out there. The stereotype of the Jewish mother has over 700,000 followers, reading Kate’s and her crazy Jewish mother’s everyday text messages.

@TelAvivian – Meet the latest up-and-coming fashion designers’ scene, hear music TLV is crazy for, dive into the nightlife of the city and know it all about pop-up shops and unexpected performances. The online lifestyle magazine writes about everything in Tel Aviv that’s design-related.

@telaveat – Feast for the eyes for everyone! Following this guide, you’ll learn about the very best eateries of Tel Aviv. With mouthwatering pics from the most innovative restaurants, they will help you find your way in the restaurant-labyrinth of the White City.

New story next week – Insta followers, love our social media platforms for daily eye candy from TLV City. 

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