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Jaffa Attractions That Are a Must-See!

Old City Charm

Since its inception in 1950, Jaffa is one of the oldest sea ports in the world. It is endearingly known as ‘Yafo’ by the locals and is the oldest part of Tel Aviv.

It boasts a rich ancient vibe that both the locals and tourists have grown to love. Amidst its city-by-the-port beauty, there are so many attraction in Jaffa such as the vibrant nightlife, booming trail of restaurants and an endless feast of art, music, architecture and parks.


Jaffa is undoubtedly a place for art lovers with over 50 galleries, studios and design shops to ravel in.

One of which is the famous Ilana Goor Museum housed in a beautiful 18th century building.This museum not only plays home to the renowned artist herself but also to her beautiful works such as creative paintings, furniture, jewellery and, of course, a carefully-curated rooftop sculpture garden that boasts a breathtaking view of Tel Aviv’s shoreline you simply wouldn’t want to miss.

Apart from galleries, Jaffa also offers a rich theological history experience for the history enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on visiting the Great Mosque Muhamidiya by the sea, Anthony’s Catholic Church, or the Immanuel Church for a lovely understanding of how different religions and cultures seamlessly collide in Jaffa.

The Famous Jaffa Flea Market

Of course, no visit to Jaffa is complete without checking out the Jaffa Flea Market which has grown to be a hotspot for drinks, visiting boutique clothing and jewellery shops as well as enjoy live street music.

Not only that, Jaffa also has a vibrant food scene where you can look forward to famous Middle Eastern dishes including savory pastries, honey-coated desserts, and all types of skewered meats with delicious side salads. The locals personally recommend checking out Hag K’hil, Cordillia, Noa Bistro, BlackOut, Kalamata, CasaNova, Dr. Shakshuka, or simply walk into the Jaffa Sea Port Market and enjoy any one of the delectable treats.

Great Food At Every Corner

Talk about food, indulge in a unique culinary adventure at the NaLaga’at Center, a restaurant, and theater run by a deaf and blind community of Muslims, Jews, and Christians! Experience a meal in total darkness or enjoy a sensorial show played out by just using touch rather than sights and sound.

Sea View Parks & Boat Rides

Best known for the award-winning movie based on its name, the Ajami neighbourhood flaunts the most beautiful park and boardwalk in Israel. Spanning from the parking lot of the port where restaurants and a modern indoor food market welcomes hundreds daily, and all the way to the neighboring city of Bat Yam, the Ajami ocean view park is a great place for an afternoon picnic, a morning walk, or a calm location for watching the sunset.

Alternatively, you might enjoy a leisurely boat ride into the open sea. Simply ask one of the many boats at the port to take you on board for half an hour to experience a refreshing perspective of this gorgeous location for a great ending to the evening.

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