Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv – Travel Tips for the Elderly

Age is just a number – so they say, and it’s true; yet trying to win travelers in their golden ages won’t work by talking about the nightlife and the vibrant club scene of Tel Aviv. Yet a senior holiday can be just as fun as a family vacation, and luckily enough, this wonderful city has something to offer for everyone.

Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv

Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv

After our tips for kid-friendly hot spots and tips for business-minded travelers, this time we are taking you on the best senior holiday, listing the most exciting and fun spots to visit, especially for the elderly.

1.  Best for Theatre Fans in their Golden Years – Habima Theater

Habima Theatre, “The Stage Theatre”, was originally founded in 1913 in Moscow as one of the first modern Hebrew-language theatres. Habima has been officially considered the national theatre of Israel since 1958, the year in which it received the Israel Prize for theatre.

Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv

In the 21st century, Habima employs 80 actors, presenting shows with English subtitles for curious travellers – including world-class musicals such as My Fair Lady, Les Miserables and Evita. The crowd is of course mixed, but there’s a significant number of senior visitors. Extra tip: have an “afuch”, a local cappuccino, at ArCafé, the coffee house of the impressive Bauhaus building.

2.  Best for Art Lovers on Senior Holiday – Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The most fascinating museum of the city is comprised of the Department of Israeli Art, holding a comprehensive collection of local art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, which encompasses international works from the mid-19th century to the present, and the Departments of Prints, Drawingsand Photography which offers even more alternative pieces of art.

Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv

In between – of course – it’s time for a “limonana”, a mint-lemonade, at the museum’s bar. The museum was envisioned and founded in 1932 by the very first Mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengof, located in his private home on Rothschild Boulevard. Since then, it has changed not only its location, but also the collection has developed significantly – making it sure that it is worth a visit.

3.  Best for Relaxing – Hilton Beach and Spa

Between the so-called “Religious beach” and Gordon lays this beautiful beach, and as it has the most comfortable beach bar and most relaxed sitting and sunbathing area amongst all Tel Aviv beaches, it’s especially popular with those who just wish to chill, and don’t wish to play with beach balls all day long.

Senior Holiday in Tel Aviv

Here’s your quiet spot by the shore, those on a senior holiday. Cherry on the top: Sheva Spa, one of the first of the traditional American-style spas in Israel is right here, featuring a Swedish sauna, a Turkish bath, and a relaxation area with a sea view, making it the most comfortable place to forget all your troubles while being on a senior holiday.

4.  Best Eat – Tulip Restaurant

For those who wish to leave behind the fancy restaurants of Rotschield avenue, this Balkan-style, home-cooked-food restaurant is a true treasure. The Hungarian eatery on Yehuda HaLevi street, Tulip is a great place for good, honest food, and easy vibes. Less visited by youngsters, mostly known by senior citizens, this iconic eatery gives you the feeling of being in a bubble of timelessness and homey vibes.


Hungarian food combines together what most people love about Eastern European dishes – forget Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food for a night and dive into the secrets of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Georgia, Russia, and the Ukraine for foodspiration.

5.  Best Café for a Senior Holiday – Mersand Café

Today it’s the hot spot of the local hipster scene, yet still one of the main meeting points for the older coffee lovers of the White City, including those being on a senior holiday. Mersand opened its doors first in 1955, when Walter Mersand, a German foodie, decided to bring together all his favorite bites from all over the world under one roof; European vibe, cosmopolitan flavors.


Ever since then it’s been offering delicious poppy seed cake and brownie cheesecake, and many go for their famous Turkish breakfast offering; couscous and halva. Start a conversation with the local grandmas and granddads sitting on the terrace – they surely have exciting stories to tell, and of course they are always the most patient and curious ones to listen.


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