Tel Aviv Activities: Best Unique Things You Should Try

There are a host of fun, unique Tel Aviv activities to try when you’re in the city. It’s common knowledge that Tel Aviv has a vibrant nightlife, a selection of great restaurants, and stunning beaches. But if you’re the type who prefer less than typical activities, we got you covered with this article.  Below are some unique things to try in Tel Aviv!

Enjoy Skateparks

The skate scene is Tel Aviv is no doubt thriving. This activity is common among boys and is growing in popularity among girls in the city. The great thing about taking up this activity is that there a lot of skate parks located in Tel Aviv. One of the most popular here is the Galit Skatepark. The Galit Skatepark is complete with ramps, half-pipes, rails, and ledges that make for a versatile skate park. It’s also not just ideal for skateboarders but many bikers also practice here.

If you’re not the type who takes up such sports, you can always just visit and watch the people practicing here. You can take pictures and enjoy the graffiti-lined walls at the park.

tel aviv activities


For those who prefer activities that are much low key, fishing might just be the ideal thing for you. Not many know this but there are fishing spots in Tel Aviv even though it looks like a modern, typical city. One such spot is the Hayarkon Park. The park is known for its green surroundings as well as its well-maintained trees, shrubs, and grasses. On a clear day, go here with your fishing tools in hand and you’ll probably be able to catch a fish or two after a few hours.

Hayarkon Park is not just popular among the locals but internationally as well. In fact, Jon Bon Jovi picked it as his venue for his concert here in 2015. So make sure to check it out!

tel aviv activities

Room Escape Games

Room escape games are all the rage these days. Although there are many other countries out there that have them, each has its own theme to offer. In Tel Aviv, the room escape games have different themes. One such popular escape room theme is the great robbery by Escape Room Israel. They are located in Gershon Shatz which is pretty convenient to go to. Room escape games are great activities for dates and group enjoyment. Check them out here.

Other Activities to Try

If you’re looking for more ideas, we have also written about kid-friendly activities in Tel Aviv. For those looking for a quiet time to enjoy, our ultimate list of museums in Tel Aviv would be a great read for you. Lastly, who could ever forget the beach? If a seaside stroll is more of your thing, here’s an article about beach activities in Tel Aviv for you.


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