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The Green Path: Tel Aviv by Bike

Discover Tel Aviv by bike with the information contained in this article. Touring the city by bike is a wonderful way of immersing yourself in Tel Aviv’s scenic spots and picturesque landscape.

Check out Tel-O-fun’s video for more information on how to rent a bike. It’s conveniently done in English so tourists new to it won’t have any problem learning their way around the machine. Enjoy! 

Wander With Wheels

Tel Aviv is a relatively small city with dense neighborhoods and a perfect climate that welcomes an environmentally-friendly society. Though long strolls in the city center and parks offer the ultimate walking experience, you can get around faster by experiencing the city on wheels.

Since 2009, the Tel Aviv municipality has taken major actions to encourage the use of bicycles and one of which is the bicycle rental service, Tel-O-Fan. Not only does it encourage a more eco-friendly way of travelling around, it is very convenient and accessible thanks to over 150 stations around the city which are readily available 24/7.

How Does It Work?
Get ready to cycle your way through in 3 simple steps:

1. Head over to any of the stations and purchase a subscription with your credit card.
2. Collect subscription card from the station and collect bicycle from respective dock.
3. Enjoy!

How Much Does It Cost?
The payment consists of two parts — subscription fee (daily, weekly, yearly) plus usage rate (the length of time the bicycle is actually being rented). Here is a quick guide on the fees:

Subscription Fees
Daily (Sun – Fri): 17 ILS
Daily (Sat and other Public Holidays): 23 ILS
Weekly: 70 ILS
Annual: 280 ILS

Usage Rate
Up to 30 minutes: 0 ILS
Up to 60 minutes: 5 ILS
Up to 90 minutes (1.5 Hours): 10 ILS
Up to 150 minutes (2.5 Hours): 30 ILS
Up to 210 minutes (3.5 Hours): 70 ILS
Up to 270 minutes (4.5 Hours): 150 ILS
Each additional hour, until the end of the first 24 hours: 100 ILS

For example, renting a bicycle for a day for 1.5hours will cost you:
17 ILS (subscription fee) + 10 ILS (usage rate) = 27 ILS

Routes To Check Out
¤ 3.81 Miles: Take a ride from the Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa on the sea front cycle route. If you are up for it, continue south along the coast part the Jaffa port towards the Ajami park.
¤ 4.75 Miles: Start of at the Tel Aviv Port and ride towards Herzeliya, Tel Aviv’s beautiful neighbouring city.
¤  5.65 Miles: Ride along Israel’s “central park” through the gorgeous green Yarkon Cycle route.

Fun On Foot
Tel Aviv is one of the easiest and most enjoyable places to walk and wander around. In fact, most central attractions and amenities are within walking distance to each other that most Tel Avians don’t find the need to own a car. Check out our list on the places to explore by foot like the Tel Aviv promenade.

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