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Tel Aviv Business Travel | 11 Tips to Make Business Travel in Tel Aviv Easy

This article on Tel Aviv business travel will offer you tips to ensure you have the best trip possible.

If you’re traveling for business to Tel Aviv for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions and misconceptions in mind. The good thing is, you don’t necessarily have to learn things the hard way during your trip at this famed city. We, here, believe that experience may teach you a few things but it’s just as wise to learn from the experience of others.

That’s why we’ve covered Tel Aviv business travel tips to help make your trip to Tel Aviv a much easier task!

Tel Aviv Business Travel


1. Right Clothes, Right Place

If you’re planning to visit religious sites in Tel Aviv, it’s recommended that you wear appropriate clothes. For women, bring trousers or skirts that go below the knee, sleeved tops, and clothes that are not too revealing. If you’re not dressed appropriately, you can always opt to just cover up with a shawl or wrap. For men, standard shorts are okay as long as they’re not too short again aim for ones that go below the knee. 

Religious sites that have dress codes in place include The Great Mosque Muhamidiya, The Great Synagogue, and the Hechal Yehuda Synagogue, to name just a few.


The Great Synagogue with its majestic, immaculate interior.

2. Have a Ready Cure for Jet Lag

One of the worst things about business travel is the jet lag. When you’re changing time zones as regularly as doing your weekly laundry, it can wreak havoc on your body. The key to minimizing jet lag as much as possible is to sleep well at least two days in advance of your scheduled trip. This somewhat prepares your body for the impending jet lag so you’re not as exhausted as usual.

If you have an overnight flight, try to cop a good night’s sleep during the trip by using an 
earplug and sleeping mask to drown out the distractions. What some people do is take sleeping supplements such as chamomile tea or melatonin tablets that help manage sleep and wake cycles, which are safe alternatives to help you adjust your sleep cycles.

3. Manage Your Travel Expenses Like a Pro


Many business travelers have to file an expense report after their trip and there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing your misplaced or lost a particularly expensive receipt. To counter this, make sure you put all your receipts on just one section in your wallet or have a separate organizer from it. Make it a habit that you put your receipts there after every meal or expense so you lower the chances of forgetting where you put it.

Another better alternative to this is to use an app for tracking all your receipts like Evernote or Receiptmate. This keeps you from having to carry a stack of receipts everywhere you go and makes browsing through them a breeze.

4. Opt for the Most Efficient Form of Getting Around


Tel Aviv business travel trips don’t have to be costly. Although it’s often easy to just take a cab around town in between meetings and appointments. But Tel Aviv is an amazingly designed city so there are plenty of choices when it comes to getting around the area throughout your Tel Aviv business travel trip.

The only time it would be a good idea to take a cab or shared taxis (sherut) is when you’re traveling in between districts which could be very far if you were to walk or bike. Tel Aviv has a bike sharing system, which is called Tel-o-Fun. It has designated stations throughout the city so renting and returning bikes is easy.


Bikes lined up and available for rent at the Tel-o-Fun station in Rothschild.

If you prefer to take a cab, you might want to use a great FREE taxi app called “Gett.” Not only is it more convenient than having to flag down a cab on the side of the road but it ensures a level of safety. Taxi drivers from Gett are looked over by a third party and fares are also fixed. So this means you don’t get charged more unnecessarily. It’s also attached to your credit card so you don’t have to worry about carrying enough taxi fare with you and receipts are sent directly to your email account.

However, if you prefer to drive yourself in Tel Aviv, renting a car is easy and cheap to do. Driving is pretty uncomplicated as well since there are English signs across the majority of the roads. If this is your foremost option. Sea N’ Rent has a partnership with Hertz and can get you a discount. All you have to do is contact for more details.

Alternatively, public transportation via train or bus is much cheaper and is efficient enough especially if it’s not peak hours. Google Maps conveniently lays out whatever route you want with public transport covering both trains and buses.

5. Take Advantage of Cheap Flights and Frequent Flyer Miles

Make the most out of your Tel Aviv business travel trips by racking up points for your flights or grabbing ticket promos. Even if you’re reimbursed with most of your business travel expenses, taking advantage of cheap flights and your frequent flyer miles never hurt. Cheap flights are a great way to save on your airline ticket especially if you’re flying to a particularly expensive destination. You can find cheap flights on sites such as 
Expedia,, and

Don’t forget to rack up frequent flyer miles by sticking to just one or two airlines. The points you accumulate can be exchanged for rewards that you can use even if you’re on a personal trip and not a business one. Those who are part of such loyalty and reward programs can board early on flights, get priority booking, and even first-class upgrades. What’s not to like, right?

6. Find an Ideal Place to Work In


What’s a Tel Aviv business travel trip without a place to work in? Wherever you are, finding an ideal place to work in is essential to make sure you stay productive during your trip. Most cafes in Tel Aviv are heavily used by people who are working on their laptops so most cafes are equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

One great place to work in is a cafe in central Tel Aviv that has a loft area. It has an excellent internet connection and a nice big work table where everyone sits around it. Many of those who hang out here work all day long, sipping coffee and ordering the occasional bite to eat. It’s called The Streets, located on King George.

7. Network Locally

Make the most out of your Tel Aviv business trip by expanding your local network. Not only do you learn more about your current destination but it can provide opportunities you may otherwise miss.

Unknown to many, Tel Aviv is well-known for hosting meetups that are often in English and free to attend. Some events even offer free snacks and beers. It’s a really amazing way to network with other professionals in the city for business travelers looking to expand their network in Tel Aviv.

tel aviv business

A lively networking event at a Tel Aviv restaurant.

The meetups usually span a wide range of fields from digital marketing to building startups and software development. All these meetups can be found on the Meetup website.

8. Stay Safe


Tel Aviv business trips are relatively safe despite what you frequently hear or read on the news. But wherever you are, staying safe when you’re in another country is crucial. Otherwise, you risk derailing the purpose of your trip or overstaying your intended stay.

To make sure you remain out of harm’s way during your trip to the city, choose to book with reputable rental companies and stay in safe neighborhoods. For instance, Sea N’ Rent vets all the places that’s listed on the site. Not only does an apartment have to be in a safe area but it also has to be nice to live in.

9. Place for Meetings

No Tel Aviv business travel trip would be complete without a decent place for meetings. If you need a place for your business meeting without the hustle and bustle of outside noise or people, WeWork is a good option for you. It provides spaces for people who want to meet in a professional environment free of distractions. Daily workspace rent is about $50 a day while conference rooms start at $25/hour.

Make sure to check them out if Tel Aviv’s cafes and restaurants are too crowded for your purpose.

10. Finding Places to Eat That’s Close to Your Residence


On any given business trip, time is always of the essence. The key to making the most out of your stay is to eat at nearby places to the place you’re currently staying. Make sure you ask your host for the closest and best places to eat near where you are staying. Alternatively, you can also search online on TripAdvisor for nearby restaurants that have great reviews and try them out.

Tel Aviv business travel

A busy cafe at Jaffa where there are nearby apartment residences.

11. Finding Places for Dry Cleaning and Ironing


Business trips are synonymous with looking professional. If you want to make an impression and need to look good and sharp, locate the closest dry cleaning shops before even arriving to save a lot of time. You can go the easy way and ask your host before coming over or do a basic Google search of any nearby dry cleaning shops from your location.

Tel Aviv Business Travel Wrap up

Traveling to Tel Aviv for business is a great opportunity for you to see a stunning place with such an interesting culture and people. The above tips are highly recommended because it makes your trip to the city more worthwhile, less stressful, and more efficient for you. By maximizing what you can do, you can look at your business trip to Tel Aviv as an adventure.

There are a lot of awesome things that comes with traveling to the city but as with most things, you just have to look for it!

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