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8 Popular New and Old Tel Aviv Markets You Must Visit

Tel Aviv markets are always full of life. There are a lot of vendors, items to see, food to taste, and people buying all kinds of things. If you’re staying in Tel Aviv for an extended amount of time, it’s best to shop in markets for your groceries. Not only is it cheaper but has a much wider range of produce as well. Aside from this fact, Tel Aviv markets can also be trendy places to hang out in.  That’s why we’ve compiled the top markets—both newly opened and old—that you should totally visit!

Shuk Rothschild Allenby


The Shuk Rothschild Allenby Market just opened this January 2017 and is located along Rothschild and Allenby, hence its name. It’s open 7 days a week and has been touted as one of the luxury markets in Tel Aviv. Some say it’s much fresher than Sarona although a bit smaller. It’s open during evenings and offers live music as well as shows.

Some food stores you can find in the market are HaMalabiya, Chipsea Kings, Mexico City, and Bunny Chow. Other food shops offering fresh like fruits, fish, and vegetables can also be found here. For more info, feel free to check out their Facebook page here.

Shuk Tzafon

Another newly opened market in Tel Aviv is Shuk Tzafon. Located in Rehov Raoul Wallenberg 20, the market is situated inside a building. The atmosphere here is lively and warm so it gets a lot of visitors during the day. This market offers a lot of food variety in terms eating options and shopping choices. The quality of offerings you can find here are good but comes at a higher price compared to other similar markets.

You can also find bazaars and other special shops in this market. However, space here is small and can be crowded especially during peak eating hours. It’s a good thing that many of the food stands here have sitting bars that you can use.

The Carmel Market


The Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s biggest, most popular market. It’s an open space one and has a lot of trendy food stalls that offer amazing food and some are even owned by chefs. You’ll find that most of the produce here are cheap and fresh. As a bonus, you can bargain with some of the items on display so you don’t have to pay full price. You can also get gifts for some of the things you buy.

Aside from being able to buy fresh produce and eat different kinds of food, you can also buy clothes and designer goods. It’s conveniently located near the train and you can ride it back after you finish shopping. This market really has it all!

Levinsky Market

Levinsky Market is a foodie’s paradise with its range of offerings. From kombuchas to fresh spices, you can find a lot of surprising things in this market. Aside from that, the prices are also cheap so you’re sure to get a lot out of your trip here. There’s a lot of authentic and traditional food here too. So if tasting genuine Tel Avivian food is your goal, Levinsky Market is an excellent place to go to.

Another great thing about Levinsky Market is the cultural mix you can find here. You’ll see different communities represented at the market such as the Tunisian sandwiches, Turkish burekas, and Polish salted herring, to name just a few.

Sarona Market


Sarona Market is another luxury place where you can eat and shop. It’s located in 3 Kalman Magen Street in Sarona Park. It’s touted to be the first of its kind in the whole of Israel and also has the cleanest ambience and atmosphere among all the other markets. However, the food and items here are also much more expensive.

To date, it has 18 eateries you can choose from ranging from cafes to specialty food shops. This is a common tourist spot so you’ll frequently see visitors of different nationalities here. You can find more about them on their website.

Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market

Just near the Carmel Market is the Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Market. From its name, you already know that you’ll mostly find creative items here. Many of the merchandises being sold here are original and handmade, which means you can’t get them anywhere else. While browsing around, there are street performances that you can watch as well.

Go to this arts and crafts market if you’re looking for souvenirs, artworks, and glasswork, to name just a few. Many exotic finds are waiting for you here!

Jaffa Flea Market


The Jaffa Flea Market is the bargain hunter’s paradise. There’s a lot of cheap and inexpensive finds here that makes for an affordable shopping experience. However, differentiating the originals from the knock-offs can be a bit hard to do. Make sure you examine an item thoroughly if genuine items are what you’re looking for.

There are many rare and quality items that can be found here such as brass lamps, gemstone accessories, and Persian tiles, to name just a few. You can find this market at Yefet Street in Jaffa.

Bezalel Market

Bezalel Market was originally known for its falafel food stands that offer all-you-can-eat fare. Along with Jaffa Flea Market, it’s now seen as a bargain hunter’s place-to-be. You can find pretty much anything here such as appliances, swimsuits, and other kinds of clothing.

However, it’s less reputable than other markets due to its inexpensive offerings of designer items. If budget over quality is your aim, head on over at Bezalel Market! It’s located along King George Street.

Exploring Tel Aviv for More

If you want to know more about Tel Aviv markets in-depth, you can check out our post on discovering Jaffa Flea Market and a similar post on popular markets in Tel Aviv. Markets here are a great way to taste local authentic food and discover new exotic finds that don’t necessarily cost a lot. Make sure you drop by any of the markets above and you’ll surely have the time of your life!






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