Tel Aviv Wedding Guide

Weddings and the White City – Say „I do” in Tel Aviv

Getting married in style at a beach city, where there’s warm weather all year around – what else do lovebirds need, to tie the knot? This week we are discovering the Tel Aviv wedding scene, giving you smart tips and insider advice on where to celebrate the big day. Some say a picture tells more than 1000 words – therefore Sara Salamon, Tel Avivian photographer, showcases some of her most memorable wedding shots, giving our readers a few ideas on what to expect from a Tel Aviv wedding.

1. The Perfect Beach Wedding

Ajami, AKA Givat HaAliya Beach, is an incredible location for those who dream about a Tel Aviv wedding on the golden shores of the Medditerranean. Cassis is a coastal-style beach restaurant and event hall offering Mediterranean cuisine, combining old-world Jaffa with modern style.

Breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean and a natural reef extending beyond the waves give way to stunning sunsets. Events of all sizes can be catered at Cassis all year round, from intimate engagement dinners to glamorous beach weddings for over a hundred guests.

2. The Classic Picturesque Wedding

Jaffa Port and the ancient old city are the right picks for those who fantasise about a historical venue conbining all the beauties the Middle East can offer. The House On The Sea is one of the easiest venues at which a Tel Aviv wedding can happen; you say “I do”, and they do the rest.

Who needs more on their wedding day than to watch the waves of the sea from the rooftop terrace, smell the rich breeze, and be surrounded by the most romantic neighborhood of Tel Aviv?

3. The Industrial-Hip Wedding

HaTachana is a cool venue for all who love the industrial chic vibe – the once-upon-a-time British train station is home to several restaurants, event halls, and bars. The best pick might be Vicky Cristina, the new tapas and wine bar.

Located in a spacious patio under an antique Ficus tree in the Station area of Neveh Tzedek in Tel Aviv, it is rightfully proud of its Spanish atmosphere. For an all-kosher experience, book your big date at Regina restaurant, a certified kitchen with homey vibes and an intimate backyard for wedding parties.

4. The Family Picnic Wedding

Looking for Mary-Poppins-and-Bert’s kinda „Jolly Holiday” vibes in Israel? What a beautifully cosmopolitan twist on a wedding! Hayarkon Park is the right one for those who always dreamt about tying the knot in the warm embrace of urban nature.

Alternatively, you can have your Hayarkon Park wedding in a beautiful event hall located in the area: Stuko is located right at the park, offering countless possibilities and styles for your event.

5. The Traditional Synagogue Wedding

The Tel Aviv International Synagogue offers a vibrant, Modern Orthodox service in the heart of central Tel Aviv, thanks to the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn.

The historic Beit El Synagogue is the home for this organization, right off Ben Yehuda, on Frishman street. Jews of many backgrounds, tourists, new immigrants and locals alike gather here for spiritual, cultural, social & educational experiences in an environment of warmth, acceptance and mutual respect.

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